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Location Digital Recording provides editing and mastering services for CD projects. From assembling your project to a final master, sound design for theater.

Mastering is the final step where you can creatively apply sophisticated tools such as equalizations, compression and limiting to alter the overall sound quality of the project.
Equalizers allow you to fine tune the overall tonal quality of the project. Using high quality equalizers lets you tailor the frequency response to your liking, as well as bring out sections that may need a bit more presence, OR, to tone down a part that may be too up front.

LDR uses the Sonic Studio system by Sonic Solutions as our main mastering tool. The Sonic system provides the highest quality A/D-D/A converters available to ensure that your project maintains the highest integrity through the conversion chain. We keep all projects in the digital domain from start to final output.You’ve spent a lot of time and money on the initial recording of your project. Perhaps it was a live recording, a studio session with many takes, or a live session – again with many takes. If it was a multitrack project, you’ve spent countless hours mixing (and agonizing over those mixes) as well. Now comes the time to edit and assemble all of that material to a final master CD or file to send on to the duplication facility.

Editing and mastering provides the final opportunity to fine tune the project to your liking. Remember that you (and many others) will have to listen to it for a long time, so, you want it to sound the best that it possibly can. Editing allows you to assemble the many pieces or “takes” that you have recorded into a final cohesive master. It also lets you produce the final order of the songs and the spacing between them so that the project “flows” the way you would like it to.

Compressors and limiters are used to bring out the overall volume of the project while controlling some of the peaks that can lead to distortion. Creative use of these tools makes a project much more listenable for radio airplay, home stereo systems and the car.

Effects can also be added at this time, but only to the overall mix. Sometimes it is desirable to add reverberation to a mix that appears too dry. Keep in mind that any processing added at this stage is applied to the ENTIRE mix. It is not possible to apply effects to individual elements at this time.

Mastering System:
Macintosh Power PC G4, 400MHz, 512 MB RAM, System 9.0
Sonic Studio HD 1.6 Software, 24 bit/96kHz capable
Sonic Solutions HD3 digital I/O
Plextor Plexwriter PX-W1210TS CD Writer