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Sound Reinforcement:
Audio Production Group also offers several high quality sound reinforcement packages. These systems are capable of wide dispersion and high intelligibility for coverage of large and small areas, indoors or out. These packages are available for both musical events and conference/multi-media productions.

Our extensive experience in audio recording and sound reinforcement, combines with our inventory of the finest equipment available to add that extra measure of quality to your production.


Sound Reinforcement Systems
System "A" Front Of House Sound System

Front of House Mix Console
Crest Century GTx, 40 input, 8 subgroups, 8 auxiliary sends, 8x2 matrix, 4 scene programmable mute system.

Front of House Drive Rack

System Processing - DBX "Driverack PA"
Yamaha SPX-90 Multi Effects Processor
Sony DPSD-7 Multi effects processor/Delay
Sony DPSR-7 Multi effects processor/reverb
(2) Behringer MDX 4400 quad compressors
Behringer xr1400 quad gate
Clear Com communications system
Denon 500 CD player
2 - Yamaha Q1027 Graphic EQ - House main graphic equalizers
2-Yamaha Q2031 stereo 31 band graphic equalizers (for FOH monitor mixing)

Main Speaker System

12 – Nexo Geo-D Line array (6/side full range)
4 – Nexo GeoSub Line array (2/side)
Nexo NX242 Digital TDcontroller
(2) Yamaha PC9501N Power amplifier racks
The line array system is complete with all flying hardware.  It can be ground stacked  as well.

On Stage/Split Monitor System (up to10 mixes available)
Monitor Mix Console - Crest LM40 40x16
8 - Eastern Acoustic Works SM500IV bi-amped monitor wedges, 15", 2"
4 - Ashley GQX3102 Stereo Graphic Equalizers
2 - Ashley XR4001 4 channel electronic crossovers
4 - QSC PLX 3402 Power Amplifiers
4 - QSC PLX 1602 Power amplifiers




System "B" Front Of House Sound System
Front of House Mix Console
Yamaha DM-1000, 48 channel

Front of House Drive Rack

2 - Yamaha C20 Digital System Controllers/crossover/limiter
1-Yamaha REV-5 Stereo Digital Reverb/Multi Effects Processor
1-Lexicon Alex Digital Reverb/Multi Effects Processor
3-Yamaha Q2031 stereo 31 band graphic equalizers (for FOH and monitor mixes)
2 Behringer MDX 1400 stereo compressors
1 Valley "gatex" quad gate
Yamaha CD player

Speaker System

10 - Yamaha "YST" 1520S Full Range W/15" LF/active servo control and 105x55 degree horn/3"compression driver6 - Yamaha "YST" 1820S 2x18” subwoofers W/active servo control
Yamaha H-5000, H-7000 power amplifiers


System "C" Front of House Sound System
Front of House Mix Console - Mackie 1604VLZ - 16 input, 4 buss, 4 aux sends, OR Yamaha DM 1000, 48 channel.
Effects and Processing racks - (see list under "Effects/Processing")
2 - Yamaha Q2031 stereo 31 band graphic equalizers (Mains/Monitors, 2 mixes from FOH)
Yamaha P2700, P3500 power amplifiers
2 MacPherson M2 on Tripod stands   (15" L.F. Driver , 1" Driver mounted on a 90x50 CC Horn) OR 2-4 Yamaha S1525S full range boxes (15", 2.8" compression driver, bi-amp, co-axial
6- Turbosound TXD-12M monitor wedges, 12", 1"

2-AKG 451 cardioid condensers
3-AKG 414 multipattern condensers
2-AKG 460 cardioid condensers
2-AKG C-391B Cardioid condensers
2-AKG D-112 dynamics
5-AKG C-1000 Condensers
3-Audix OM3XBs
2-Sennheiser 518s
6-Sennheiser 421s
1-Audix D1
2-Audix D2
1-Audix D3
1-Audix D6
2-Electro Voice N-DYM 308
1-Electro Voice N-DYM 408
3-Electro Voice RE-20s
16-Shure SM-58's
16-Shure SM-57s
2-Shure Beta 57's
2-Shure Beta 87's
1-Shure SM 94
2-Shure SM-81's
2-Beyer M-201’s
2-Beyer M-260’s
1-Beyer M-88
2-Beyer M-69
3-Crown PCC 160's
10- Shure UHF wireless with:
 Sennheiser MKE-2, Shure WL-93 Lav's, 4 hand held Shure Beta-58, 2 Countryman E-6 Headset, Shure WL-184 lav’s, Shure WL-185 lav’s
10-Countryman Direct Boxes

Additional Speaker Systems
4 Yamaha "YST" S1525S (15", 2" horn, bi-amp, co-axial) Can be used for additional monitors, sidefills, delays or for small front of house main speakers - with or without subs.
2 - Yamaha "YST" 1520S Full Range W/15"McCauly LF/active servo control and 60x40 degree Meyer horn/3"compression driver
2 MacPherson M2   (15" L.F. Driver , 1" Driver mounted on a 90x50 CC Horn)
2 - Galaxy PA5X140 Hot Spot Core
(6) Turbosound TXD-12M (12”/1”Driver mounted on a 40x70 CC Horn)
2 - Yamaha WF112M Waveforce bi-amped monitor wedges, 12", 2"

Additional Effects/Processing Equipment
1-Yamaha Q2031 stereo 31 band graphic equalizer
1 Yamaha REV-5 Stereo Digital Reverb/Multi Effects Processor
2-Sony MU-R201 Stereo Digital Reverb/Multi Effects Processor
Lexicon PCM 91
Lexicon "Reflex"
2 DBX 166 Dual channel/stereo compressor/gate
4 Dbx 160A compressors
Behringer MDX1000 stereo compressor
UREI 1178 dual channel/stereo limiter
6 Sabine "Solo" FBX620 Feedback exterminators

Horizon Custom 40 input, 12 send, 3 way transformer isolated split w/whirlwind multipin mass connectors, 2 - 12 channel breakout/sub snakes. 

Extensions:           100' mass to tails,
                        150' mass to mass,
                        100' mass to mass,
                        25' mass to tails

Rapco - 24 input, 6 sends, 125'
Whirlwind - 16 input, 6 sends, 100'

Misc. Equipment
Telos One x Six digital telephone interface system
Telos One digital telephone interface system
2 Clear Com communications systems
UREI 562 Feedback Suppressor
2 Tascam LA40 Balancing Amplifier
6 Sony MDR-V6 Stereo Headphones
10 Ultimate Support Tripod stands


Allen – Heath ML3000 36 x 8 VCA
Mackie 1640 Onyx
Allen-Heath 16 x 2 Mix Wizard II
Mackie SR 24 x 4 VLZ

Nexo Geo-D10 16 box Line Array
Nexo Geo-D Subs
Bag End Crystals — mid / high
Bag End Quartzs Subs
Bag End TA2000-c
Bag End S18E-c

Nexo NX242 (2) Digital Controllers
BSS Minidrive fds 336 / 334
Rane ME60 Grapic EQ
Bag End Proc ELF 1
Bag End Proc ELF M-2
TC Electronics Reverbs
Lexicon Reverbs
Presonus ACP88 (2) Comps / Gates
Aphex 105 4 ch Gates
Presonus DEQ 624 Graphic EQ's
Fostex cr300 CD Recorder
Furman PL Series

Turbosound TXD'12m
Community CSX38-s2

Yamaha PC9510N (12)
QSC PLX 3402
Crest CA12
Tsunami HQ2002S

Audio Technica


** Equipment is not limited to that on this list and can be made available upon request.  All systems are modular and can be configured to meet any need.