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Professional Audio Recording

We specialize in "location" recording although studio services are also available.  APG offers free consultation and pre- production planning to ensure your success.  Our full service audio package comes to your location for the recording session.  We offer complete post - production services for recording projects including mixing, editing, sweetening, and duplication. APG utilizes industry standard Digidesign Pro Tools and the Sonic Solutions Digital Audio Workstation for audio post production.  All recordings are produced utilizing the latest digital audio technology to achieve the highest quality results. 


APG - Audio Recording Systems

Dyne Audio Acoustics BM6-A
Sony MDR V-6 Headphones

Digidesign 002/Pro Tools
M-Audio Pro Fire 2626
Yamaha DM-1000
Mackie16x4x4x2, Mackie 1604 VLZ - 16x4x6x2.

Alesis ADAT HD2424 hard disc digital multitrack
Panasonic SV-3700 DAT (2)
Sony TCD-D10 Pro DAT
HHD 830 CD-R Recorder

Computers/Digital Audio Software
Power Macintosh G4 Tower
Macintosh G4 laptop
Pro Tools LE7 Digital Audio Workstation
M-Audio 7 Digital Audio Workstation
Sonic Solutions HD Digital Audio Workstation
Sonic Solutions A/D - D/A Convertor

Outboard Effects/Processing Equipment

Yamaha REV-5 Stereo Digital Reverb/Multi Effects Processor
Yamaha SPX-90 Multi Effects Processor
Yamaha GC2020B Dual Compressor/Limiter
2-Sony MU-R201 Stereo Digital Reverb/Multi Effects Processor
Sony DPSD-7 Multi effects processor/Delay
Sony DPSR-7 Multi effects processor/reverb
Lexicon PCM91 Digital Reverb
Lexicon "Alex" Digital Reverb/effects
Lexicon "Reflex" Digital Reverb/effects
6 DBX 166 Dual channel/stereo compressor/gate
3 DBX 160x Compressors
2 DBX 163 Compressor/gates
Behringer MDX1000 stereo compressor
Behringer xr1400 quad gate
UREI 1178 dual channel/stereo limiter
1 Valley "gatex" quad gate

Sennheiser MKH-40 cardioid condensers
Neumann KM-130 omni-directional condensers
AKG 414 Multi-pattern condensers
AKG 451 cardioid condensers
AKG 460 cardioid condensers
AKG C-391B Cardioid condensers
AKG D-112 dynamics
AKG C-1000 Condensers
AKG D3900s
AKG D3800s
Audix OM3XBs
Sennheiser 518s
Sennheiser 421s
Electro Voice N-DYM 308s
Electro Voice N-DYM 408s
Electro Voice RE-20s
Shure SM-58s
Shure Beta 57's
Shure Beta 87's
Shure SM-57s
Beyer M-69s
Beyer M-88s
Beyer M260s
Beyer M500s
Beyer M201s
Shure SM 94
Shure UA series UHF wireless microphones (8 lav, 4 hand held)
Countryman Direct Boxes
Stewart ADB-4  four channel active direct box


Horizon Custom 40 input, 12 send, 3 way transformer isolated split w/whirlwind multipin mass connectors, 2 - 12 channel breakout/sub snakes. 
Extensions:      100' mass to tails,
                        150' mass to mass,
                        100' mass to mass,
                        25' mass to tails
Rapco - 24 input, 6 sends, 125'
Whirlwind - 16 input, 6 sends, 100'
LDR - 6 input, 2 way transformer isolated split, 100'

Misc. Equipment
Telos One x Six digital telephone interface system
Clear Com SB412 communications system
UREI 562 Feedback Suppressor
2 Tascam LA40 Balancing Amplifier
2 Sony MDR-V6 Stereo Headphones
Sony D-11 Portable CD player
4 Ultimate Support Tripod stands


** Equipment is not limited to that on this list and can be made available upon request.